To My Readers And Non-Readers

To My Readers And Non-Readers

So, we finally meet. Call me Jason. I’ve been looking for you, noble reader. You are hard to find these days amongst all other forms of entertaining distraction. I’ve started social media accounts just to find you. If you’re an introvert like me, then you know what that’s like.

If you consider yourself a reader, congratulations. You’re a dying breed and I’ve got something juicy for you to sink your teeth into.

And if you label yourself a non-reader then pay close attention. I wrote this book for you! How does that even make sense? You wrote a book for people who don’t enjoy reading?


You see, I didn’t get into reading until college, believe it or not. I would get the Cliff’s Notes for the books they made me read in school. Here’s what I learned first-hand. When you say you don’t like to read that’s not entirely true. It just means you don’t like what you’ve been given to read.

Then one day, I was introduced to books that I enjoyed reading. I discovered that what we need is a fast-paced adventure story with nasty villains, cool heroes, and intriguing side characters who often steal the scene.

Yep, I just said scene. I grew up watching tons of movies and playing video games. I still do both. Some video games these days let you develop your character and experience the adventure. They are like the Choose-Your-Own Adventure books I actually did read as a kid. Those involved dice rolls and reader decision-making. My main character died a lot—just like in the video games.

I translated this love of movies and games into the books I’m writing. I wanted to write something that us non-readers would want to read.

This book is to be seen on the big screen.

What I mean is that is the end goal. The reader can visualize the events as if it were a movie. The chapters are divided into scenes where the reader switches back and forth between the two main characters. I give you practical dialogue and exciting incidents in each scene (marked with subheading markers) because long paragraphs about setting and what-not tend to bore me.

You know what does excite me? Combat. This is an inter-galactic war story, so there’s plenty of action. I want larger-than-life heroes who struggle. I want villains and enemies that challenge and often dominate lending a foreboding sense of desperation to the hero’s mission.

If this speaks to you then this could be one of the fastest reads you’ve experienced. They keep telling me that 470 pages is a long book. Sounds like it. But as someone who doesn’t get to read very often, I’ve read this a dozen times and still can’t believe I get through it that quickly.

So, pick up a copy of SOLAR ASHES. If you don’t like it; give it away. If you do like it, lend it to a friend. Reach out to me anytime.

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We’ll be in touch.

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