Desolate, windswept planet. A dangerous choice for an impromptu rendezvous.


Planetary environment and local species resembling Earth. Home to the peace-loving Jopali who live with war constantly on their doorstep.


Marsh planet with heavy rain and harsh wind bursts. Local wildlife is predatory. Air is lethally contaminated. No one in their right mind plans to visit.

Moon of Kol

Slum overrun with loitering pirates, gamblers, thieves, scoundrels, and warriors of the worst sort. Except for maybe the appearance of a hero now and then.

Makon Welcos

A charismatic leader of many names and talents. The Federation's hope for life and liberty. The end to the war with the Kravii could very well rest in his capable hands.

Conor & Titan

A pair of newcomers to the Vesputi Galaxy fleeing the demise of their own Planet Earth. There's something odd about these two, particularly due to their emerging superabilities.


A premier cadet of the Academy. Not a big surprise as the Supreme Commander's niece. A born fighter and adventure enthusiast. Here seen in Jopal's High Grasslands.


Fearsome Battleborn Chief. Loyal to Lord Gilgorst and intent on bringing the Federation to its knees.


A Paladin currently residing at the Academy as a favor to the Supreme Commander. Tasked with mentoring the Federation's newest cadet--Conor Hawk.


New recruit to the Supreme Commander's Elites. A smart and capable officer determined to honor the position she's earned.


One of the very few Mystians. Origin: Unknown. Age: Unknown. Limit to His Power: Unknown. Thankfully, he's on our side. We think.

Valitat Bithos

Vice Commander of the Gregor Monolith-the Federation's flagship. Battle-tested and battle-proven. Makon's second-in-command and trusted companion. She knows all the secrets.


A warrior species bred for war with an insatiable thirst for conquest.


Fearsome inhabitants of the fire planet Tretch. They can't fly, but that doesn't slow them down. Yeah, they breathe fire, and are always ready to eat.

Shadow Walker

A bounty hunter by trade. He is loyal to none, other than a good payday. If you see him coming, then he's not looking for you.


Assassin. Merciless. The very embodiment of darkness. He is an unknown player in the galaxy's war games.


Lord Raider of the Kravii Torden Clan. Newly appointed, but he has big designs for the Federation and his nemesis, the Unfallen. Here seen on Kravos in the light of the Voror moon. [Appearing in Book 2]

Iopo Lex

Primo Officer assigned to Makon's Elites, a select group of warriors who pose a lethal challenge to the Kravii.


Cadet at the Academy from Jopal. Roommate and friend to the new boy with the damaged memory. He's determined to show Conor the ropes.


Space monster. Seeks out the coldest and darkest of corners.


From the Riostovi Moon, commonly called a V-Tech due to their astonishing understanding of science and technology. Pacifist by nature, fiercely loyal to friends and allies.


From the planet Tretch and resident cadet at the Academy. Close friend of Tiera and possesses an uncanny connection to animals.


Battleborn Chief. Defender of her clan and the Kravii way. She commands her Knights with exacting authority, often achieving barbarous results.