Jason Bradford

Jason hasn’t been to space. He’s not even from the future. His life is actually quite grounded in the Arizonan desert. He grew up in Baltimore, MD before getting a BA degree in English. He has a background and knowledge of practical combat, martial arts, and living alongside some pretty inspirational kids—two of which are now in their late teens. Whether you’re a teen or the parent of one, he gets you. It has even been said, many moons ago, he also walked the Earth as a teen himself.


Having lost his father at an early age, he looked to his heroes in fiction for his role models. That inspiration can be seen in his career choice as well as his stories. He learned that courage wasn’t about the absence of fear, but rather seizing the fear, putting it in your back pocket, and doing the terrifying thing anyway.


He took his love of action/adventure movies, video games, superheroes, and fantasy novels and mixed them together into an experimental recipe for a fast-paced adventure that inspires readers to become the best version of themselves despite all the challenges and obstacles.